Work With Us

Long Lead collaborates with independent writers, visual artists, and designers to champion stories that put impact above all else. Working with us offers distinct advantages, including:

Fair and Fast Pay

Our rates are among the best in the industry and include expenses.

Paradigm-Breaking Design

Long Lead’s stories dictate the form our bespoke projects ultimately take. This means templates won’t constrain your ideas, and pop-up ads won’t distract from them.

A Singular Focus

Undistracted by the news cycle or the demands of high-volume publishing, Long Lead exclusively develops original, in-depth journalism.

Full Editorial Support

Long Lead provides the same level of editorial, production, and legal support journalists should expect from a traditional publication.

High Production Values

We invest in world-class reporting, imagery, audio, and more to create journalism that doubles as art.

Creative Collaboration

We welcome contributors to have a voice in the creative process. After all, photographers also read, and reporters have an eye for detail, too.

Creator-Friendly Rights

We believe independent journalists, not publishers, should own their work.


What story have you always wanted to tell? Narratives, photo essays, data-rich explainers — we’re interested in them all, and more. Get our attention with a solid hook, pull us in with riveting detail, and sell us on why you’re the right journalist for the