Launching today, Long Lead presents “Depth Perception,” a newsletter dedicated to the world’s most powerful longform journalism. A free-to-read email, this bi-weekly publication is the ultimate insider’s guide to deeply reported media, featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with journalists, must-read/watch/listen lists, and more.

Subscribing to “Depth Perception” is the best way for news junkies to ensure they don’t miss any big stories dominating the news. Curated and written by media critic Parker Molloy and veteran longform journalist Mark Yarm, each issue explores a prominent piece that’s driven the news cycle, as well as shorter sections that round up other articles of interest.

“Since Twitter’s meltdown, no prominent alternative has emerged as a water cooler for journalism junkies, which means big stories are having a harder time finding readers,” says Long Lead audience director and “Depth Perception” editor Heather Muse. “‘Depth Perception’ is an opportunity to stay current on the most influential, in-depth media being made and to engage with longform in a more extensive way.”

“Depth Perception” is produced by Long Lead, a story studio that publishes richly reported, independent journalism on any topic, anywhere in the world. Founded in 2021 to prove that high quality journalism, produced without compromise, can have a tremendous impact, Long Lead has quickly piled up many industry-leading media prizes, including the 2023 Webby Award for Best Individual Editorial Feature, a 2022 Signal Award for Best History Podcast, and Best of 2021 honors from Longreads, Longform, and The Browser.

As proud as we are of our productions, we are also pleased to share outstanding work from other outlets by including them in “Depth Perception.” To stay current with the best of longform journalism, subscribe to the “Depth Perception” newsletter here.