Long Shadow

Season 2: Rise of the American Far Right


The Ruby Ridge raid, the Waco siege at the Branch Davidian compound, the Oklahoma City bombing, the January 6 insurrection… all explosive moments in recent U.S. history. But connect the dots between these — and other — seemingly disparate, violent events, and you’ll answer some of the most existential questions facing the U.S. today: How did America get the far right so wrong? What will it take now to get it right?

Hosted by Pulitzer finalist and investigative reporter Garrett M. Graff, Long Shadow’s second season explores how the modern domestic extremist movement grew from a fatal shootout on a mountain top in Idaho and led to a riot on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Crackling with rich archival sound and riveting interviews, this seven-episode limited series examines a thread of history that’s vitally relevant to our current political climate.

Best Podcast of 2023
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“‘Long Shadow’ is like Rachel Maddow’s ‘Ultra,’ only more relevant to the moment we’re in.”
Allison Gill

Season 1: 9/11’s Lingering Questions


Marking the dividing line between the 20th and 21st centuries, the September 11 attacks quickly became the hinge upon which so much changed. Many watched the tragedy unfold live on television, but most still don’t understand what happened that day. Twenty years later, a quarter of Americans are too young to even remember the attacks.

While thorough, large-scale efforts like the 9/11 Commission tried to make sense of that chaotic day, many questions remain. The first season of Long Shadow attempts to answer those questions and explore other enduring mysteries surrounding 9/11. Published in August 2021 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the attacks, the eight-episode limited series quickly became Apple’s number one history podcast.

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4.9 Stars
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#1 History podcast
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“Rigorous, authoritative, and an electrifying listen.”
Financial Times
‟Truly refreshing, if not novel in what feels like the age of social media conspiracy theories.”

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